Hi! My name is10628211_10152595476335081_5712524927989606053_n Jenalee, said Jen-Ah-Lee…Its frequently misspelled and pronounced wrong. But I am ok with that after 34 years! It’s not exactly common is it?  I used to hate it but now I embrace everything about it.

What am I going to blog about?

I plan on just blogging about anything I can think of! I LOVE to fish, just started to hunt with a compound bow, I paint, build, crochet, play in the mud, you name it and now blog! And will help others share their experiences as well!

First big catfish

My husband is a superb cook! He is learning how to appreciate venison. But I have my specialties I will eventually share. I’m a good cook but not really fond of it…I have better things to do with my time! Crazy, I know because my In-Laws have a fine appreciation of food! But I must admit I am enjoying it more and more.

I am full of experience for Weddings! Oh, the tips I can will give you! I just recently married as of June 2015 and I have been with my husband for 4 1/2 years before that. I have also been in a bunch of weddings and helped with several…need I say more?? Here are a few tips to start with!

Cool bride with a bug a salt rifle

I consider myself young and full of life! It’s extremely difficult for me to sit down for long periods at a time. Constantly, I have people asking me if I ever stop. Usually my answer is…well yeah, when I am sleeping! Or now, blogging!

My Background

I grew up in a smallish town in western Pennsylvania. My first job was working at a pet store in a local mall and graduated from a High School that had marching band raffles that included Cow Patty bingo… and yes, it’s exactly as it sounds. Put a cow in a field with a grid during a football game and wait…

I continued on to The Art Institute of Pittsburgh and experienced city life for the first time in my life. An experience I will never forget and will be thankful for, for a long time to come. I graduated in computer animation and have since, appreciated the movie making industry but decided working 80+ hours a week in front of a computer screen wasn’t quite what I wanted. (Trust me, I know how this looks!)


So now I am in a small town again with my husband and a lunatic dog (see above picture before he was full-grown). My full-time job is a caregiver and I do art work on the side as well as anything I decide to set my mind to.

So here I am. Hopefully, you can enjoy my exploits and trials as much as I do! I hope to show you what my life is like, anywhere from playing with power tools to playing with makeup. From weddings to fishing! Who knows where I find my next new way of keeping out of trouble!

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