9 Awesome Facts about Muskie!

The Name Muskellunge AKA: Muskie, Musky, Esox , the fish of 10,000 casts, as I call them, unicorn of the fresh water rivers and lakes! The Family Muskie closely resembles Northern Pike but not to be mistaken as such though they...

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The Best Boat Fishing Checklist

I love fishing on a boat. My husband was the one that truly introduced me to it. I had gone fishing on a boat with my dad and grandfather before, but being a girl with a bunch of guys can prove to be difficult and uncomfortable...

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Featured Image for Wedding Category

Wedding Day Emergency Kit

I am so grateful that I managed to find a few ideas on Pinterest for my wedding day. And naturally a lot of woman find great ideas there! I managed to find the flowers I liked, dress styles I loved, and plenty of centerpiece...

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Coffee Quotes

A Coffee Quote or 2

If there is one steady thing that I look forward to everyday, its my daily dose of coffee! I do not get too many mornings that I can just make a cup of coffee and sit down to enjoy a little Pinterest time and some good coffee...

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Trout Fishing- Featured Image

How to Clean Trout

Its Fishmas day! Time to head to the stream at 6 am to get a good spot to throw in a line at 8 am! Your bundled up and ready to get tangles, snags and snares. And a lot of fish! Nothing like fresh fish to throw on a piping hot...

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LaundryFeatured Image

DIY Fabric Softener Sheets

As I am sitting here on a very chilly April Day, I am going to write about my DIY Fabric Softener Sheets. And that subject pops up because I am having to do loads of clothes and love how it smells on days such as this. About the...

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