The Best Boat Fishing Checklist

I love fishing on a boat. My husband was the one that truly introduced me to it. I had gone fishing on a boat with my dad and grandfather before, but being a girl with a bunch of guys can prove to be difficult and uncomfortable, if you know what I mean. But being with my husband and figuring things out a little more strategically has made things a ton easier! So with that being said, there always needs to be a plan and a list for a long day of fishing. So I made up a list for a boat fishing checklist! Especially for the woman in your life!

The Best Boat Fishing Checklist. When you go fishing on a boat for long period of time, it's best you have everything you need, other then your fishing pole! So Attention all fishermen! Free Check list to download!

When you go fishing on a boat, you must remember everything that you need. Simply for the fact of running back to shore (and if your on a low horsepower lake, that takes forever), tying up to the dock, then running back to your vehicle, is nothing short of a waste of time. Helloooo?? It cuts into fishing time!! And who wants that??

Get your move on!

One of the most important things to remember…is…well….gas! Doesn’t matter how much you use….you better have a full tank of gas and maybe a little extra to be on The Safe side! My hubs always checks before every trip, which is very smart…we have the extra tanks instead of a built-in tank so it’s handy to just be able to switch over from one to another. And your battery. My darling hubs worries about that a lot so every 4 or 5 trips, he charges the battery. So smart. And… the keys to the boat! Those are probably the 3 most important things you could possibly need. Even if you forget everything else, at least your propelling along to enjoy a float in the water!!

The Rod

FISHING POLES! Do I really need to say much more? Top of the boat fishing checklist! In the state of Pennsylvania, you can use 2 poles at the same time. And sometimes it’s handy to take one more just in case one breaks or the line tangles to the point of irreparable damage on the boat. Or if you feel like changing up what your fishing for. Musky requires a much heavy pole compared to bass. We like using Whuppin’ stick from Cabela’s for musky.

Fish Candy

The next is your bait and/or lures. Go ahead and try it with a naked hook…probably not going to work out too well without some fishy temptation. We use Sprankle’s Baits for our musky and some smaller ones for walleye or bass. Bottom bouncers for walleye with a crawler harness is great too. And crappie is new for us so gotta bring that rig as well! But it’s handy to have minnows for those.


Any smart fisherman will know to bring extra hooks and sinkers as your basics as well. Snags are almost inevitable with a lot of fish. Especially bass or catfish. Bring that tackle box of goodies!

Fix-It Accessories

If there is one things I have learned from my hubs, it’s to bring some tools along. You probably will need pliers just to get a good hook out of the mouth of a monster or a minny. But you never know if you will need something to make a quick fix to an outboard motor. Let’s face it…B.O.A.T stands for Break Out Another Thousand! Motors and water…hmmm…or be glass half full, Best Of All Things! Bring that monkey wrench along too!

The Catchers Mitt

A net is handy for those big muskies and the monster bass, walleye, catfish….etc. haha! I really don’t want to see someone commenting and saying you didn’t tell me to bring a net! I lost a hella monster! Or I got it to the boat and didn’t know what to do next! Problem Solved!!

Life Jackets

Big Fat Must-Have! Law says you need for anyone under the age of 12 in the state of PA or some other states require less. Also for any craft under the length of 16 ft (regardless for kayaks and canoes) and those more at least a throwable device. Let’s just play it safe and throw them in the boat!

Oar should I?

It took a couple of years but I finally got the Hubs to get an oar in the boat. Hey…your putting a machine on water. Lets think about this….

Hide and Go Seek!

I have to say if you have the technology and the funds, have at it! Go get yourself a nice fish finder. You don’t always know whats under the water and lets face it, buying a new prop isn’t exactly cheap or the top of your to-do list. And while you’re at it…you can find a good bait ball pop up on the sonar or a monster fish. I mean…it is called a Fish finder right? I really like the Hubs Lowrance! Especially this one…has 3-d imaging and all kinds of do-dads that you can have fun with!

The Nitty Gritty

Now we are just getting into complete necessities for a long day on the water. Especially if your fishing all day. Snag a bag and start stuffing this list in! Grab that headlamp for a bit of night fishing and a spotlight so you can find your way back to the dock and not smack it. Of course some head lamps are so good that they may as well be out spotting for deer! A hoodie or jacket is a must because after being in that heat all day the night sure gets chilly! And if your sunburned it’s only worse…well…the sunscreen should have been in there too! But grab this awesome rag from Frogg Togg. Just soak it in the water and drape it across your neck. I LOVE this thing!! It’s almost too cold on a very hot day! It prevents overheating! And don’t let the bugs get you..especially with the concerns of the Zika virus and West Nile, so make sure you grab some spray with at least 30% deet. And I never go anywhere without my Costa Del Mar sunglasses! They are a little expensive but they cut out so much glare off the water you can see almost anything! Read up on these puppies! One last thing on this essentials list is a hat…because if your a little thin up top….yeaaaah….

The Cooler

We managed to get a Yeti cooler for one of our wedding gifts from the Hubs Aunt, Uncle and Cousins. It was worth every penny!!! We had one day last year on the water from 11am to 10pm. It was 95 degrees outside…and we had thrown 2 frozen water bottles in the bottom of it. They were still frozen by the end of the day with very little thawed water in it. Now that’s an amazing cooler! Throw a couple frozen ones in with a few cold waters and some mixin’s for a good samich, snacks and your off for an awesome day! And lets not for get napkins and well…maybe some TP because you just never know when that urge may hit! Not fun.

The Feminine Need

And the woman’s emergency kit comes into play…your purse. I don’t go anywhere without it! And trust me, guys…there are things in there that you need too! I can’t tell you how many times my hubs has asked me if I had floss or some chapstick. Or throws his keys in there so he doesn’t lose them in the boat somewhere. So when you see her bringing her purse fishing…don’t say a word because you know your curious what she could possibly be bringing!The Best Boat Fishing Checklist. When you go fishing on a boat for long period of time, it's best you have everything you need, other then your fishing pole! So Attention all fishermen!

Now guys… you have your boat fishing checklist. But now you have been leery about taking your woman out fishing on a boat…just thinking about pulling up to the shore to let her tinkle or going back to the dock to make an emergency run is nothing short of you getting very frustrated and losing your cool! And Ladies…I am totally with you!! I don’t want to hang my butt over the side either!! Always looking around to see if anyone is in the woods to see the moon in the middle of the day or if a boat may go floating by…I have had a few close calls. So lemme tell you about my most favorite thing in the world that stays in both our play boat and fishing boat! Not just a small coffee can… but my Go-Girl too! Oh yea…It just a nice little silicone funnel that helps you pee standing up..or sitting down!! And VERY inexpensive. Only suggestion I have is to wear a bathing suit or sweats while using this thing…its doable with jeans..but just not that easy. And all you do is rinse it all out and its perfect! Done! Easy! Happy! Just make sure you practice with it in the shower before you go out! My Hubs thinks it’s the best and has a friend that has been leery about going out with us too since he doesn’t get the whole she-wee thing yet! That’s ok! More fish for me! But here is a couple you could try to see what could work best for you!

So here is the downloadable list and hope this helps! If there is anything I forgot! Please let me know!

The Best Boat Fishing Checklist




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