Coffee Quotes

A Coffee Quote or 2

If there is one steady thing that I look forward to everyday, its my daily dose of coffee! I do not get too many mornings that I can just make a cup of coffee and sit down to enjoy a little Pinterest time and some good coffee! And who doesn’t love a good coffee quote! So after pinning to this board for sometime. I decided I wanted to make a few of my own graphics and a couple of stock photos to make my own coffee quote. I really enjoy making my own graphics these days!

 Saves Lives

Coffee, Keeping People Alive Daily!! Coffee Quotes!

The Hubs always asks me if I have had my cup of joy in the morning if I am a bit growly. Sometimes its a yes and sometimes its a no…depends if I can actually enjoy it or have to worry about spilling it in my lap on the way into work in the mornings!

 Super Hero

Coffee is my Super Hero! Coffee Quotes!

I think it’s also the super hero of the people who may not drink coffee. You know…to save their lives!! It’s just something that many people enjoy! Coffee drinker or not…who doesn’t enjoy the Folgers commercials from back in the day???

 Go, Go, Go!

Gotta Have Go-Go Juice! Coffee Quotes!!

Even when I was a kid and my dad would treat himself to the beans you could grind up right at the grocery store, I would just breathe deep. Or if someone would just get some freshly ground coffee, I would just deal with the sound of the massive bean pulverizer and suck in the smell of heaven.

 Waking up

I go to bed just so I can wake up and have Coffee! Coffee Quotes!!

I seriously look forward to the peaceful mornings of coffee and a little tv show, good book or some pinning time. Or, of course, looking at fishing tips for the new kayak or bow I just received for my birthday! Merry Fishmas!!


Coffee is Addicted to Me, I just don't have the Heart to Say No!! Coffee Quote!

I swear on those days that your so tired, all you think of is sinking into a fluffy couch and drinking that liquid sanity. And I am not addicted to coffee. Its addicted to me! Stalker….

Sunny Days

A Day without Coffee is like a Day Without Sun! Coffee Quote!

It’s a highly rare day that I don’t have a cup of coffee. Kinda like an eclipse of the sun rarity! And who knew…its actually has health benefits! Helps with Diabetes, fights depression, increases energy and concentration, lowers risk of gastrointestinal diseases!

Coffee has been around for centuries and is cultivated in over 70 countries. Who am I to break an age-old tradition???  So just to make people happy…okay, myself happy, I have a coffee quote…drink and be happy!!!

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