Why I love Fishing! From the Eyes of a Woman

Crickets chirping, the sound of water lapping on the shore, beautiful sunsets and sunrises, the mist starting to burn off the water. The birds swooping towards the water, the ducks floating on the water and the occasion deer cautiously approaching the water to quench its thirst. These are just a few things I love about Fishing! Man, do I love fishing.

Okay, I get it. You can go for a hike and see or hear all these things. Go camping and enjoy all this. So what is so great about actually fishing though? Especially as a woman? Because it’s not something you see women doing a lot of. I love doing the uncommon. I enjoy getting the stray look from some random person when I pull up a giant catfish or bass and now, musky. Who wouldn’t? Even men get the envious look from other men for their giant catches…when they are actually seen of course! They don’t call them whoppers for nothing! I love fishing.

Why I love to Fish, from the Eyes of a Woman. Its not just nature to enjoy but the deeper impact that it can have on your life.

The Beginning of the Love

I have been fishing since I was a kid. And my Dad and Grandfather probably didn’t have a great time taking me! I am sure they had to want to tear their hair out…or mine! I wasn’t a real easy child. Constantly on the move. So the sitting and fishing at a pond just wasn’t for me though they tried hard. Attention Deficit Disorder was a fairly new thing to deal with. But I remember, very distinctly, when I was around 11 or 12 years old. My Grandfather gathered me up one day, found my brother’s old hip waders and stuffed some socks into the toes. He had bought me a brand new trout rod and said let’s go fishing. (Needless to say that rod lasted me a long time and I cried the day it snapped.) I am not sure when it was. I don’t think it was first day of trout but it must have been close to it. I remember a lot of people standing in the streams. And what a great time it was. The looks my Grandfather must have received for bringing a squeaky little blonde to the water. He would just smile, show a few tips and I went to town. I had a blast. It is one of my favorite memories. I love fishing.

Family Time

Another time, I remember, as I got older and looked forward to trout season from the long winter months, was going out with my Dad, Grandfather and uncles. I was the only niece that went and my brother. (I have a ton of cousins!) We took up a huge section of stream since there were about 9 of us. For some reason I was very shy at the beginning and started to open up as the day went on with fishing. I thought we were there all day, but I am not sure if it was. I just remember everyone laughing and doing sound effects or picking on me for getting their fish. They were very accommodating for my dad bringing me in with guy time. I love my uncles. I love Fishing.

Why I love to Fish, from the Eyes of a Woman. Its not just nature to enjoy but the deeper impact that it can have on your life.

Hubs and I at Kinzu. Even have the planer board in the background.

Guy time

Now I am out of High School and into college. Not much time for fishing but I definitely made time for trout season with my father, grandfather and brother. And again, its hanging out with the guys. I love that part too. There isn’t any drama with who said what, or who is going out with who. It’s okay to let go of the proper for a few hours. Still use your manners but there is no need to be delicate in a stream. Buck up honey, you’re running with the big boys.

Time to get Serious

So out of college and straight into life. Time to relax when the time hits. And this is when I start hitting the lakes with my Dad and night fishing. We have a camp we fish at too. Catfishing and carp is big on the Allegheny River. I have developed more patience for this part of the sport. I have now started to collect more equipment for myself. I have been able to thread my own minnow for some time now and can catch my own night crawlers. (My Mom wouldn’t allow me to get squirmy with the suckers.) I was never one for going out on the boat with my Grandfather and Dad. How do I pee?? I went once when I was younger and it just seemed like a disaster. So I didn’t go out again for many years.

Why I love to Fish, from the Eyes of a Woman. Its not just nature to enjoy but the deeper impact that it can have on your life.

Eventually I started getting my girlfriends to go out with me. Taught a few things and helped them relearn some stuff. And just genuinely had a good time. My ex wasn’t a big fan that I was going out more than he was or better. But I now have a husband that gets very excited that we go out. I mean, that is how I really started to get to know him. Read How I Met My Husband to fully understand that one. This man gets so excited when we go out together. He is very happy that he has someone to share this with. And he is definitely better than I am. But I am catching up. He has taught me so much. And that is definitely something I love about fishing. There is always something to learn. You can never know everything that there is to know. And just when you think you may have it down to a science. Something changes! Or you could just throw your rod in and wait to see what may pop on that line. I love fishing.

Fishing Gifts!

And the best part I love about fishing: You never know what you’re going to get. It’s like Christmas, your birthday, your anniversary, Easter and every holiday in between all wrapped into one big surprise. You just won’t know what you’re going to get until it splashes the surface of the water or you get it to the shore. It’s a little dangerous and just enough safe to make it exciting. And so very relaxing. I am now kayak fishing and its been nothing but a blast. So Ladies, give it a chance. Don’t get squirmy or start squealing because you think you can’t do it. Have a healthy competition with your significant other! Love life. Love what life has to give you and what you can give it back. It’s an amazing experience that has been going on for centuries. Guys, give the ladies a chance. You just may find that one lady that you can spend some time doing something other than shopping or going to the movies. Its wonderful!

I love Fishing.

 Gimme me your best fishing story!

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