I love the outdoors!

I grew up in the water that you can’t see bottom and a boat that did the job to go tubing and skiing.

I love to work outside creating landscaping, playing in the dirt and gardening when time allows. And that includes mud-slinging!

The hubs bought my first compound bow for me a few years ago and I have been working on Robin Hoodin’ an arrow and experiencing that outdoor style. Check out My Story in A Tree Stand and First Lesson in Hunting posts.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI was introduced to fishing when I was very young but didn’t truly enjoy it until my grandfather took me trout fishing for the first time when I was 12. Its one of the reasons why my husband fell in love with me. Now we spend our summers in the boat fishing for the big ones. I even get to drive 😉

My Hubs in trying to convince me to get a side by side…Sorry, this girl always wants to drive. I know him and I would constantly be thumb wrestling for the wheel. Quad riding it is! And make sure you find me a mud puddle or 2 or 3!

I am not always up for frigid temps in the winter but I will still build that My Dog Playing in the Snow learning Ballet!snowman when the snow permits it! And I love snow tubing! Forget it if it’s in the single digits! But the dog still loves it! He ballet in the snow!

And by the time February rolls around, you can start thinking about spring. The smell of a camp fire and the snapping sound of the logs as they are burning. BBQ and evening walks. The sound of the spring peepers say its fishing season for me!

These are some of the things that I would like to pass on to people and would Love to get tips to get better at whatever I do!! Hope you enjoy this as much as I do! And please shoot me a comment when you can!



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