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A Patchwork Quilt of Memories

A patchwork quilt poem of memories about the loss of your pet, your faithful friend, your companion and we continue to add more memories.

A Patchwork Quilt of Memories
Copyright © 2016 Pj Patty 

Years have passed since we fixed the place 
for our Faithful Friend who went away,
And we mourned her loss, but we took in with love,
the new Friend who soon came to stay.
Now by the side of that Beloved Friend
another Companion lies;

I feel sometimes that my heart will break
with the hurt of so many goodbyes.

I have heard so many people say
“I don’t want to be hurt again,”

so they close their hearts and miss the joy
they could’ve found in another Friend.

 They won’t take the place of the Friend you lost;
for each Love shall stand alone, 
but they’ll become a part of a wonderful place,
a place to call all their own.

The hurt you thought would never heal
will be part of yesterday.
A new Friend that may join you will be just as dear,
only dear in a different way.

Each Faithful Friend that shares our hearts
weaves its own patch of memories;

each memory becomes tucked in their special spot
filling us with its own inner peace.

Over the years we spread out that quilt
and touch each special patch,

gently remembering each precious step shared
as they made their way to their last.

 We pass on that quilt to our loved ones,
a legacy in every square,
hoping that they too will add to it,
or create one of their own to share.

One day we will be holding that quilt,
and from it a Rainbow will grow; 

they’ve been by the Bridge we’ll cross over
when it becomes our time to go.

As we cross the Bridge to join them,
their love will shine to light our path.
We’ll cross through the Gates together;
our own quilt is finished at last.

My quilt will remain undone, for I hope there are many more patches. even if the loss of a pet is difficult, I’ve got a lot OF room in my heart to continue to LOVE

I know my children will carry on this legacy. A few patches on my unfinished quilt were their faithful friends while still at home.
Their lives are also filled with the richness these companions offer.
Our four footed friends unfortunately do not live the lifetime we do,

but the will always continue to share the love, loyalty and devotion.
We will always be grateful to be given whatever time we have with them, counting each day as a gift, and treasure each patch in our quilt.

I hope you have many patches in your own Quilt of Memories! I would love to hear about them if you care to share!

photo compliments of Abl Porter

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