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When My Time Comes.. If I Could Speak..

When My Time Comes… If I Could speak… 

Written from the perspective of A beloved furred friend..

Copyright © 2016 Pj Patty 

When my time comes, if I could speak,
if you hear me, listen when I become weak. 
Please know life’s been good, but it’s ok to let go;
These will be words that from my heart flow.
pawprints Hold me close, feel my love, speak with me.
Let me rest in your arms as my soul soars free.
I can no longer fight, my time has come.
Stay with me please, until I’m gone.pawprints We’ve shared a journey, we’ve shared the best,
but now I am so tired; I need eternal rest.
My wagging tail slows, my heart will cease;
no pain, no suffering; I’ll be at peace. pawprintsI’ve lived a full life, I’ve felt so much
cuddles, warm hugs and a tender touch.
Remember always the love we shared;
when you touch your heart, know I’ll be there.pawprintsMy body may rest ‘neath the Dogwood Tree,
among the stars of Heaven my soul will be.
Speak to me, whether night or day.
I’ll always listen, I’ll hear what you say.
pawprintsI’ll watch over you till your time comes;
there’ll be a day that your work’s done.
Just find the Bridge at Rainbow’s end;
I’ll meet you there, my dearest friend.

When My Time Comes..If I Could Speak...A Poem written in the Perspective of a Pet. We Love our FurBabies and sometimes its just hard to understand what they are thinking.

 Losing a pet isn’t easy, but I hope I can always let go allowing them the dignity they deserve. It is difficult to make that final decision, yet it is the most compassionate and unselfish act you can give them. We were given their love, their loyalty, and trusted with doing the best we could to show them just how precious their life is to us. 

rainbow bridge

I wish with all my heart we could all pass peacefully in our sleep, but sometimes being selfish and holding on isn’t what is fair. Allowing our beloved pet to suffer, to see the humiliation and pain in their eyes is not fair to them. It is better to be selfless and let go, while retaining the memories of better days, happier days, to honor them, as they so justly deserve. The Rainbow Bridge is a poem about the journey into Heaven, where they are at peace, and I will meet them there some day!

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The devotion and joy given me by one I could trust, and who trust in me is a privileged gift. I’ve always believed I never rescued, but instead rescued by those four-footed friends that became family. If you are interested in being rescued, check petfinder.com and see if there’s a furfamily member waiting for you! There are many support organizations that help  cope with the loss of your beloved fur friend. Everyone grieves differently, and it can be difficult to explain to children. Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine has shared many online resources on their website,  Pet Loss Support – Resources for grieving.

Pet Loss Support


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    • Thank you Sue. I have been blessed many times over, and hope I do justice in penned words to those who trusted me to honor them. <3

  • Thank you so much. My heart tells me it is time to let my beautiful Golden have eternal rest. I know it is my selfish mind that makes me double minded and hesitant. Because I keep looking for that spark in her eyes. It has broken my heart to see that the spark has grown dim. Madison has lost interest in things that she use to enjoy. Madison thank you sweet girl for 12 years. I am angry that cancer is taking you away from me. My life will never be the same. I love you and we will meet up again. I will be looking for you and your big sis (Sandy) at the Rainbow Bridge.

    • My heart goes out to you Nancy as you struggle with this decision <3 It was this reason that I penned what I believe was my Barney's words. I have been loved by many over the years, and have a patchwork quilt of memories, both figuratively and literally. I was selfish and couldn't let go with my T-Bear, but realized I was doing an injustice to him and vowed to honor the spirit and soul of my beautiful furred family, and listen. Keep your heart open and fill the emptiness with your own patchwork quilt of memories. It doesn't get easier, but it does help to accept that while a beautiful life on Earth is gone, a beautiful spirit will stay with you, always, and when you close your eyes for the final time, you will be together. Sending gentle {{huggs}}...

  • Very comforting Pam, we just lost our Mollie Mae (Boston Terrier). It was a big loss, but with Kushings Desease and Diabetes, I rest in the thought that she may be restored to a healthier time. I really appreciate the verse.